"Race in the Golan" by Jeep

The One of a Kind "Race in the Golan"

This is an entertaining race in the reality program style, full of experiences and surprises, all on the dirt roads in the fields and landscapes of the Golan Heights.
You wear colorful overalls and are equipped with game kits that include a compass, a map, a flashlight, a tape measure, a flag, binoculars, digging tools and more…
Each group departs with its jeep and driver for an adventure with tasks to complete in the field… Along the route, the participants will cope with challenges and different dilemmas that they will have to resolve by team work in order to proceed on their course to reach the final destination where the treasure awaits them at the end of the hunt. The teams will try to earn as many bags of coins as possible and to loose as few as possible as they purchase hints and answers…
The route will take you over paths on the western slopes of the southern Golan Heights with phenomenal views and a wealth of nature.

During the game, the teams will enjoy refreshments with hot or cold beverages, but not before taking the numbers on the deer waiting for them in the field, and unlocking the box of surprises…
The winning team gets a bottle of wine and fruit (or another prize at an additional cost).

For the agent and the head of the group only (which should remain as a surprise for the group): The game includes navigation on bicycles, going into a Syrian bunker, digging in the ground, deciphering writing in different languages, water, cows in a barn… and more.

Terrific jeep tour with the amazing Avner! My whole family had a great time and learned about the history, topography, flora and fauna of the beautiful Golan, while being entertained along the way. Highly recommended!

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For over 10 years, Palgei Bazelet has been conducting tours, and in the past few years, we have specialized in jeep tours and organizing fun, outdoor adventures for families and groups. We provide tailor-made programs suited to your budget and routes suited to the age and character of your group and the budget, while providing the best level of service to you, our customer.

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על אבנר סליטרניק מיסד פלגי בזלת, מחובר ומכיר כל פינה בטבע סביבו

Avner Saliternik

If acquaintance with nature and animals was art, then Avner was an unquestionable master. With nearly 3 decades of field trips and training behind him, Avner is leading the way with great love for our Jeep tours.

There is no stone, corner or animal on the Golan Heights (and in other areas of the country) that Avner does not know personally.  

Huge interest and knowledge in general and Israeli history, battle heritage, archeology, flora, and more … In his tutorials, Avner spices the track well with lots of stories, spicy information and curios that enrich each trip and leave the participants with a taste of more. Avner is the father of two, who joined him for a multitude of trips. In addition, Avner is an avid amateur and expert in boating and fishing, and has traveled extensively in Israel and abroad over the years. Avner is a graduate of the Land of Israel Studies and a qualified road instructor. You are always welcome to come and meet Avner and his team in our jeeps.

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All of the jeeps are insured and certified by the Ministry of Tourism, the Ministry of Transportation and a Safety Officer. The drivers have extensive experience in the field and conduct the trip in a pleasant manner and enjoyable atmosphere.

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Palgi Basalt has a comprehensive insurance policy with coverage for the participant throughout the jeep tour and the activities included in the program when descending from the jeep to observe the landscape and walking along hiking paths.

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